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May 29, 2011 wheelerinmongolia

Sein Banu,

This is just a test for the blog. Some things in my life:

*I’m leaving Eugene in two days, then heading to Mongolia in five days to do the Peace Corps. This is something I have considered doing ever since my 9th grade geometry teacher, Mr. Mustoe, showed our class a slideshow from his Peace Corps experience teaching math in Kenya. When he talked about the pictures, there was a passion in the tone of his voice that I knew was indicative of a special, transcendent experience, one that was clearly impactful for the rest of his life. Now, hopefully I get the chance to live my own slice of a foreign, culturally enriching, meaningful-beyond-words-experience. THE LEVEL OF MY EXCITEMENT IS REFLECTED BY THE USE OF CAPITAL LETTERS!

*Freestyling last night with Geoff Derven, Theo Seidmon, and other friends was yet another reminder of why I love Eugene so much and why I will miss it.

*I’m heading to the bay area in two days to visit some friends from Camp Tawonga. In fact, I’ll be seeing some of the most passionate, fun-loving, creative people I have come across.
*It’s hard not to feel nothing but gratitude for what life has given me. I love my mother and father and older brothers.

*Potatoes, tomatoes, triangles, rectangles. These are just a few words I like to say. No relation to the rest of this post.



PS- As a recently graduated alumnus, I am recognizing how lucky I am to have been surrounded by so many enriching, intellectually stimulating communities in my life. Reconnecting again with friends in Eugene makes me so proud of my home town. Watching James Bean dance, for example, is an experience that I will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Also, I am so proud of the Whitman class of 2011. I can’t believe how intelligent, determined, and downright impressive the people are who I’ve been surrounded by in the past four years. This is it. This is the one life that we get to live. Let’s get after it, utilize shared wisdom, and make the most out of this strange, beautiful, thrilling time.


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  • 1. ceej&hellip  | 

    Good luck, Joe! Safe travels, and send me something nice. Kidding. Have a great time.


  • 2. geoff&hellip  | 

    We all miss you already, king! Be sure to post up your snail mail address once you’ve got one. B2B coast to coastin, from eugene to mongolia. PEACE.

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